Ottawa Coalition for a Green New Deal

Working together to reduce GHG emissions and make Ottawa a more just and livable capital

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals who, like you, are concerned about the impact of the climate crisis on our communities, our planet, and our collective futures.

A number of us are active as volunteers or employees of local groups focused on environmental and social justice issues, and we have come together to envision, build, and advocate for a better future for future generations in Ottawa.

We believe Ottawa needs a Green New Deal, and we are joining together in a coalition with like-minded organizations and individuals to make it a reality.

Why now? What is a Green New Deal

In 2018, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told us that we have just 12 years to radically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate collapse. From floods increasing in number and severity, to heatwaves and air pollution, our communities are already feeling the impacts of the climate crisis. At the same time, our communities are facing deepening economic inequality, precarious work, a growing affordable housing crisis, and rising racism, xenophobia and hatred. We believe that a Green New Deal has the potential to tackle these interconnected crises through systemic change centered around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity, respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples, and promoting social justice. As we transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy, it is critical to ensure that no one – especially the frontline, Indigenous and marginalized communities bearing the burden of the impacts of extractive industries (tar sands, fracked gas, coal, forestry) and the climate crisis – is left behind. With a Green New Deal, we can build a livable, just future for everyone.

Principles for a Green New Deal

The Ottawa GND Coalition will collaborate with local organizations and individuals to develop proposals for a Green New Deal. The following three principles will guide that effort.

A Green New Deal for Ottawa will:

Join Us!

We know that creating a Green New Deal for Ottawa - a just and inclusive plan to address the climate crisis at the local level - will require a collaborative, collective effort. That’s why we are inviting organizations and individuals from our community to join the Ottawa Green New Deal Coalition.

Our focus is on developing resolutions that we will present to Ottawa City Council for action. Joining together in a coalition will:

What is our plan?

  • We are organizing a coalition of organizations, groups and individuals in the Ottawa region who support and are building momentum for a Green New Deal, and who are advocating for changes that address the systemic and intersectional issues that underpin the current crisis.
  • With the input of the Green New Deal coalition members and others, we plan to envision and articulate what a Green New Deal would look like for Ottawa and how to get there together. Our initial focus will be to develop a municipal resolution and push for its adoption by the Ottawa City Council. We will also be developing input for the provincial and federal levels of government.
  • Recognizing that there are already many organizations, groups and people doing invaluable work in the Ottawa region that aligns with the Green New Deal vision, our goal is to amplify the strengths of these organizations, support alliances, serve as an information hub, and build widespread support for a Green New Deal in the Ottawa region.

Upcoming Events

If you are a member of the coalition and you would like to have an event added, email us at: